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A New Testimony SERIES A New Testimony

Date: 05-21-17
Speaker: Steve White

A New Purpose SERIES A New Purpose

Date: 05-14-17
Speaker: Steve White

A New Response SERIES A New Response

Date: 05-07-17
Speaker: Steve White

A New Way SERIES A New Way

Date: 04-30-17
Speaker: Riley Weaver


The New Has Come

Jesus makes all things new.

The Never-Ending Story of God

Easter 2017

Giving Up

Following Jesus is so great, there are several things worth giving up.

Growing Pains

God calls us to love all who we come in contact with, just as Jesus Christ poured out His love for us.


The Gospels show us several "Aha!" moments that reveal who Jesus is and how that affects us today.

Lord, I Need You

A look at why we need Jesus as we expectantly wait for Him in this season of Advent.