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Recommended Books From Our Library

     "Taking my Life Back"

          by Rebekah Gregory 

           The story of faith, determination, and survival following the Boston Marathon bombing.






     "Forensic Faith"

          by J Warner Wallace

          Forensic Faith is to this generation what C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity was for providing evidence for the

         Christian faith.




     "Sandcastle Kings"

            by Rick Wilkerson 

          Looking at four dramatic stories from the 7th chapter of Luke, Wilkerson Dows how our deepest

           longings are only satisfied in Jesus, not ourselves, others, or material things. 





     "Spirituality According to Jesus"

          by Rebecca Pippert

        8 Seeker Bible Discussions on the gospel of Luke.








     "Under the Cover of Light"

          by Carole Avriett

          The extraordinary story of Thomas Curtis' 7 1/2 year captivity in North Vietnam and what he learned
         about faith and hope.






          by John Turnipseed

          The powerful story that illustrates the effect on your people, especially men, of the absence of a father
         in a household.





     "Praying the Prayers of the Bible"

          by James Banks

          Find within this book the means for opening or feeling a channel of communication with the God who
         say, "Come
and talk with me." 





"God's Top 10" 

          by Dan Hudson

          This is not a commentary. It is a simple culturally relevant approach to understanding the heart of God a
         as He fame His ten top things He wants us to know about life. 




          by Josh McDowell

          This is Josh McDowell's story.  For the first time, Josh fully reveals the dramatic transformation that
          occurred when he faced his past head-on and put everything in God's hands. 





     "The Case for Christ"

          by Lee Strobel

          Strobel cross-examines a dozen experts who are recognized authorities in their fields of history,
         archaeology, and manuscript studies.






     "Present over Perfect"

          by Shauna Niequist

          Leaving behind frantic for simpler, more soulful way of living. 







     "A Mind for God"

          by James Emory White

          Written to help us break from from "cultural captivity."






     "Healing for Damaged Emotions"

         by David Seamanship

         This book has helped over a million readers worldwide deal honestly and successfully with their inner  






     "The Listening Life"

          by Adam McHugh

          Embracing attentiveness in a world of distraction. Our lives are different and better when we become



      "The MacArthur Study Bible"

          Unleashing God's Truth one day at a time.






     "Men who Love Fierce Women"

          by Leroy & Kimberly 

          This book will equip you to love your wife and lead your marriage, regardless of who has the stronger    






     "The Valley of Vision"

          by Arther Bennett

          A collection of Puritan devotions and prayers for meditation on God.






     "12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You"

          by Tony Reinke

          Reinke identifies 12 ways smart phones have changed us - for good or for bad.






     "Disappointment with God"

          by Philip Yancey

          Three questions no one asks aloud: Is God Unfair? Is He Hidden? Is He Silent?"