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Recommended Books From Our Library


     "Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason"

          by Jason Lisle

          Refuting alleged Bible contradictions.






     "Praying Like Jesus"

          by James Mulholland

          The Lord's Prayer in cultural prosperity. 




     "The Will of God is the Word of God"

          by James MacDonald

          Are you in God's will now? Is a confident answer to that question ever possible?





     "Grow Together"

          Jeff Myers

          The forgotten story of how uniting the generations unleashes epic spiritual potential.






     "I Wish He had Come with Instructions" 

          by Mike Bechtle

          The woman's guide to a man's brain. 






     "The Pastor's Wife"

          by Sabina Wurmbrand

          The true story of her efforts to get her husband released from behind the Iron Curtain in 1948 after

          being arrested for secret Christian activities in Romania. 





     "The Attributes of God"

          by A.W. Tozer

          Deeper into the Father's heart.







     "A Love Worth Giving" 

          by Max Lucado

          Living in the overflow of God's love.






     "Martin Luther"

          by Eric Metaxas

          The man who rediscovered God and changed the world.






     "Saving a Sick America"

          by Michael L Brown

          A prescription for moral and cultural transformation.






     "The Treasure Principle" 

          by Randy Alcorn

          Discover the secret of joyful giving.





     "Management by Proverbs"

          by Michael Zigarelli

          Applying timeless wisdom in the workplace. 






     "Counterfeit Gods"

          by Tim Keller

          The empty promises of Money, Sex, and Power and the only hope that matters.






     "Respectable Sins"

          by Jerry Bridges

          Confronting the sins we tolerate.







          by Mark McKnight

          Mark offers here a fresh perspective on hope, that virtue that God carries to us even as He carries us.





     "Let it Go"

          by Mark Atterberry

          If you've been on a guilt trip, "Let it Go" could help you finally turn around and unpack your bags.






     "What if God Wrote Your Bucket List?"

          by Jay Paylertner

         A bucket list online any you've seen before. In this book you'll find 52 unexpected goals that will make a
         difference today and for eternity.






     "A Prisoner and Yet"

          by Corrie Ten Boom

          This book reveals one of the most tragic, yet faith giving true stories of all time.






     "The Irony of Grace"

          by Chandler Gerber

          A journey of forgiveness. Chandler will be at the Golden Glow Luncheon this September.