Plainfield Christian Church Staff


Dan Jones Road Campus


 Steve White - Senior Minister                                                                      


     Steve preaches, teaches, counsels, and works on setting the vision for the congregation. He has been married since 1977 to his number one supporter, Diana. They have three children, Justin, Allison, and Chelsea who, along with their spouses, are all serving the Lord. They have also been blessed with 7 grandchildren. Steve enjoys regular exercise, book club, and staying involved with the lives of his children and grandchildren. Steve loves how people respond to the Word of God and that encourages him to improve in preaching. He appreciates the staff he works with—they humble him and teach him so much about life and ministry.

Reflecting on: Romans 8:1. I am overjoyed to announce the Gospel so that others may enjoy this grand position by the mercy and grace of God in Christ Jesus—to Him be the glory.



 Chuck Muston - Executive Administrator                                            


     Chuck provides administrative support and direction to the Senior Ministry, Elders, and Staff. Chuck and his wife, Kim, were high school sweethearts and married at PCC 1979. They have a son, CJ (married to Kirston), a daughter, Megan (married to Kyle), and six grandchildren. During his free time, Chuck enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, boating, and many other outdoor activities. Chuck loves the PCC speaks and teaches Biblical truth and demonstrates a genuine concern for all people throughout the Plainfield community.

Reflecting on: Proverbs 16:3, 9. As I plan for the future and navigate each day, I am reminded that I need to seek the guidance and wisdom of the Lord; knowing that the Lord will determine how I am supposed to get where I am supposed to be.


 Gail Osgatharp - Administrative Assistant (Central Office)        


     Gail assists in the Central Office with a wide range of ministry needs and details for church family, staff, and visitors. She is a native born and raised Hoosier from Northern Indiana. Gail and husband, John, enjoy spending time with their three grown children their families.  When time allows, she likes a good cup of coffee while viewing PBS, reading, or bird watching. She’s grateful for God’s people and the solid Biblical teaching at PCC. She has always felt at home here from her first visit 25 years ago. 

Reflecting on: I Peter 1:3-9. This passage is an encouraging overview of our Christian journey…from new beginnings in Jesus to our final destination of Heaven.




 Betsy Krieger - Administrative Assistant (Central Office)                


     Betsy serves on the administration team and provides a broad range of central office administrative services. She and Darel have been married since 2001 and together they have 6 children and 2 grandchildren with a third on the way. In her spare time, Betsy loves to shop for and buy antiques, play her piano, work in the yard, and spend time with family. She grew up in PCC and was blessed to be a part of a strong youth program and form friendships she still has to this day. Betsy has raised her sons in this church and is grateful for the constant example of the love of Christ.

Reflecting on: Matthew 11:28-30. This gives me peace and reminds me of God's amazing strength.




Kevin Carr - Director of Adult Ministries & Minister of Involvement    


     Kevin helps PCC's newest attendees and members become fully involved in the life of the church. He leads new member assimilation ministries, volunteer administration, First Impressions ministries, and local ministry partnerships. Kevin and his wife, Kelly, were married in 1999 and they have a son, Owen, who is full of life. Kevin enjoys time with his family, reading, cooking, watching soccer, and working to check off items from the “honey-do” list. Kevin appreciates the warm friendships they’ve established at PCC with fellow staff, their life group, and among the Perfect Fit families.

Reflecting on: Hebrews 12:1-3. This encourages me to look at the faithful people who have gone before me, the people God has brought into my life, and what God has in store for those who place their faith in Him.



 Alan Hughes - Senior Adults Ministry Director                                    


     Alan ministers to seniors through coordinating care, visiting shut-ins, and facilitating the committees that plan trips and lunches. He and his wife, Betty, have been happily married since 1971. Their daughter, Stacy, and her husband have 3 children; their son, Jeff, and his wife have 2 sons. As grandma and grandpa, Alan and Betty attend a lot of their grandkids’ sporting events. They also enjoy traveling to visit family in other states and Alan occasionally gets in a round of golf! Alan says that it is such a blessing to worship with the Biblical messages and he loves the servant hearts of the people who constitute the believers at PCC.

Reflecting on: Genesis 1:1, John 3:16-17, and Acts 4:12 provide the basis for my faith. Proverbs 16:3 reminds me that committing everything to the Lord is a life-long adventure!



 Kait Mangano - Adult Ministries Coordinator                                  


     If it relates to life groups, involvement, care ministry, or data administration, Kait probably has something to do with it as the Adult Ministries Coordinator. Kait and her husband, Jonathan, live in Plainfield with their corgi, Shuffles. On a day off Kait can be found binge-watching Netflix, walking Shuffles, or tackling a DIY project. Jonathan and Kait are both D-Group Leaders in the High School Ministry, and they host their life group on Fridays for Bible study and board games.

Reflecting on: 1 Peter 2:9-10.This is such an “identity” verse—so humbling and so empowering all at once about who we are as believers.




 Mark Proctor - Worship Arts


     Mark leads the worship team for the Sunday morning services in the Fellowship Center. He is married to Julie and they have 4 kids: Ben, Grace, Hope, and Joy. When Mark has free time, he likes to work and play with his family. He also reads novels, watches movies, and writes songs and stories. Something that Mark loves about PCC is how he experiences the Spirit of Christ dwelling in his brothers and sisters that gather here. 

Reflecting on: Romans 8:1. He is my hope for forgiveness and transformation!





 Todd Dillon - Worship Arts 


     Todd facilitates teams of musicians that lead worship, as well as shares pastoral responsibilities with fellow staff members. Todd is married to Lyn, and there is a never a dull moment! They have 3 diverse sons, 1 precious daughter, 3 beautiful daughters-in-law, 1 charming son-in-law, 4 brilliant grandchildren, and a partridge in a pear tree. Todd participates in theatre productions, spends time with his family, watches TV series, and hunkers down with a good book. Todd loves PCC’s heritage and their commitment to helping people know the one true God through worship, Bible study, service, and community.

Reflecting on: Philippians 1:9-11. This passage reminds me that my walk with Christ is a daily thing, not a one-and-done experience.



 Billy Haskins - Director of Family Ministries                                       


     Billy leads the Family Ministries Team and directs children's education and worship for 4th and 5th grade. He and his wife, Teresa, have 3 sons: Travis, Jesse, and Sam. When Billy has free time, he likes to hike, listen to all kinds of music, and solve the world’s problems with great friends and a great cup of coffee. When it comes to PCC, Billy loves the rare find of a family atmosphere at a large church.

Reflecting on: Philippians 4:13.





 Becky Weaver - Early Childhood Director


     Becky coordinates all church-related activities for children from birth through kindergarten. She has been married since 1989 to John and they have 2 sons: Riley and Ben. Becky enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and especially loves being outdoors. Becky has loved raising her family as a member of PCC. Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, women's bible studies, and youth programs have been an integral part of her family's life.

Reflecting on: Colossians 3:17. It is really Him we aim to please.





 Lora Lewis - Elementary Director                                                                  


     Lora directs church-related activities for children from first through third grade as well as Children’s Center First Impressions. She has been married to her husband, Dale, since 1996 and they have 2 boys, Drew and Adam, who are both involved in Avon's music programs. They also have an adopted Bassett mix puppy, Tebow (yes, he's named after Tim). Lora is an avid Colts fan, enjoys playing games with her family, reading, and drinking coffee with friends. She absolutely loves the people at PCC—sharing life, laughing, and crying together because those relationships make her life richer.

Reflecting on: Zephaniah 3:17. This verse is a great reminder of so many of God's qualities. God is with me, He delights in me, and He will quiet my busyness with His love. 



 Lisa Roesler - Administrative Assistant (Children's Center)              


     Lisa oversees the community hours at the Treehouse and provides support for Children’s Ministry. She has been married to Tim since 1982, and they have three grown children: Luke, Jake and Rachael. They have been at PCC since 1995. In her spare time, Lisa likes to do craft projects, read forensic detective mysteries, and shop with Rachael. She loves that Jesus is the focus of everything at PCC and is thankful for the relationships that she has built through worshipping, studying, and serving with others.

Reflecting on: Jeremiah 29:11,13. When life is really stressful and confusing, God has a plan; during those times, I need to seek God with all my heart.



 Morgan Hill - Community Outreach Coordinator & First Impressions


     Morgan oversees Community Hour time at the Treehouse and connects to the families that visit. She also leads First Impressions in the Children's Center. Morgan is married to Tom and they have 2 children, Luke and Hannah. In her spare time, she enjoys reading dn loves to be with her family, going to the park or the zoo, getting ice cream, or just being at home together. Morgan appreciates many things about PCC, but what she loves most is the people. They have connected with incredible people who have become a huge part of their lives, supporting and loving each other while sharing in the struggles and joys of daily life.

Reflecting on: Jeremiah 29:11. This verse is a reminder that God is always there, in control, and I just need to lean on Him.



 Eric Carter - Junior High Minister


     Eric leads the Middle School Ministry and College Ministry. Eric is married to Merrin, who grew up attending PCC. They have three kids: Blair, Hayden, and Brooke. When Eric has down time, he likes to spend it with his wife and kids, especially when it's on the golf course. One thing that Eric loves about PCC is the strong community that exists among the people. 

Reflecting on: 2 Corinthians 5:17. God’s mission of restoration and bringing us back to Himself never grows old. 




 Deric Skinner - High School Minister                                                    


     Deric leads the High School Ministry and works at the Pier teaching high school students. He and his wife, Ashley, have 2 sons, Jake and Reid. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, watching movies, and reading. Deric loves the people at PCC and how friendly they are. He loves seeing people driven to reaching others and expanding the Kingdom.

Reflecting on: Philippians 1:27.





 Lynn Rietz - Administrative Assistant (Pier 14)                                          


     Lynn works at Pier 14 assisting with youth ministry needs and organization. She is married to Keith and they have 2 grown kids, Kristin and Erik. Kristin is married to Josh and they have two kids, Titus and Asher. Erik is married to Maci. In her free time, Lynn likes to read, spend time with her family, play with her grandkids, and watch Colts football. She genuinely loves being a part of PCC because it is a church that loves kids and youth.

Reflecting on: Philippians 4:13. Christ gives me the strength to face whatever comes my way. I must rely on Him, not on my own strength and with that comes peace and joy




 Kyle Ferguson - Director of Media Arts 


     Kyle leads a team of creative people who are over all areas of media and technical arts at PCC. Kyle married his wife, Rachelle, in 2006, and they have two children, Ila and Graham. In his free time Kyle loves to read, hike, watch sports, work on creative projects, and spend time with family. He loves the rich history at Plainfield Christian Church and the obvious commitment from its people to sharing the love of Christ.

Reflecting on: 1 Corinthians 2:9. This reminds me to embrace the immense mystery of God’s love and cling to the hope that we have in Christ.




 Bob Boswell - Publications Manager


     Bob produces the Lifeline, weekly bulletins, and other special print publications. He also teaches 4th & 5th graders on Wednesday evenings, and plays music in the Sanctuary services. Bob's family is from Georgia where his siblings, nieces, and nephews are still located. His father was a Christian Church minister and song evangelist. In his free time, Bob likes to watch movies and TV, go to plays and museums, play in game nights, read, and spend time with friends. He loves that PCC has such a rich history in this community.

Reflecting on: 1 Thessalonians 4:10-12 and Psalm 139.




 Josh Peters - Technical Arts Coordinator                                                 


     Josh oversees live production in the worship venues and all classroom technology. His family has been in the church his whole life and they still live in the St. Louis area. In his free time, Josh likes to play, write, and record music. He also enjoys watching movies and reading books. Josh appreciates that PCC is a large church that hasn’t lost its family culture. He says that even though there are many people who walk through the doors, people are very welcoming and make you feel at home.

Reflecting on: Romans 8:18. No struggle we have on this earth has anything on how great eternal paradise will be with our Father.




 Ashley Vallosio - Media Coordinator                                              


     Ashley manages the church’s social media accounts and request forms, and takes photos for PCC. She has been happily married to Jonathan since 2013 and they have adopted a pampered little cat, Neko. When she is not working at PCC, Ashley is running her own photography business, binge-watching Netflix, playing board games, traveling, and crafting or gardening. Ashley spends Friday evenings with her life group and is thankful for the chance to learn from the wise leaders in the congregation at PCC.

Reflecting on: Psalm 94:19. No matter what I face, knowing that God is with me always brings joy and peace to my soul.




 Jessica Kender - Media Designer                                                              


     Jessica uses her creativity to visually communicate stories through various forms of media, such as screen graphics, video, and web design. She and her family have been at PCC since the early 2000s, with the addition of her niece in 2016.  She runs a design and illustration business, does water color painting, explores art museums, and loves a good cup of coffee. PCC has been home for most of Jessica’s life. Watching this growing church—this community of family members—reaching out to one another brings her encouragement.

Reflecting on: Romans 12:2. This verse reminds me of God’s transformation in our lives as we intentionally live to seek Him. 




 John Crawford - IT Manager                                                                 


    John's role is to assist with technology at PCC. He specifically assesses, monitors, and sizes network systems and devices throughout the church. John enjoys digging into the Word and studying Scripture using his Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. He serves on the Tech Team and enjoys watching movies in his free time. John loves being. part of PCC and appreciates the doctrine, beliefs, worship, teaching, and preaching. 

Reflecting on: Psalm 3:7





 Tory Murray - Director of Facilities                                                          


     Tory works to ensure that the Dan Jones Campus is as clean and prepared as possible for all events that take place. He is married to Jeanine who works at Midwest Center for Joint Replacement. They have one daughter, Alyssa and two sons, Ayden and Avery. Tory loves traveling with his family and spending time with them. Tory loves that, at PCC, you never know how you will get to impact the Kingdom on any given day.

Reflecting on: I Timothy 1:15-17. It is a great reminder to stay grounded and remember that God can use ANYONE!





 Jill Fulk - Kitchen Manager                                                                               


     Jill is primarily responsible for preparing the Wednesday night fellowship meals, bereavement dinners, and other food needs, as they arise. She lives with her husband, Stacy, in Danville with their 2 kids, Carter and Chloe. Jill loves being a wife and mom and enjoys having a Diet Coke, napping, and of course: Pinterest! PCC has a special place in Jill's heart—it’s where she grew up, got married, raised her children, and currently works. This church is her family and she would be lost without it!

Reflecting on: John 16:33. I find myself sharing this verse often, hoping others will know the peace of Christ because His peace is something that is needed in this troubled world!




Reunion Campus


 Tim Gephart -  Campus Minister                                                             


     At Reunion Campus, Tim preaches and teaches, meets one on one with people about Christ, and shepherds those in the congregation. He has been married to Beth since 1982 and they have 2 grown daughters and two grandchildren. In Tim's free time, he likes to be outdoors or travel with Beth to National Parks to hike and photograph God's incredible creation. He has served on staff for over 20 years and been deeply blessed to see multiple generations serving the Lord and reaching the community for Christ. Tim loves seeing the fruits of God's presence being lived out in the relationships of PCC's people.

Reflecting on: 1 Peter 1:3-9. It reminds me that God has called us on a faith journey that requires us to trust him as he refines us for the time when Christ is revealed.


 Riley Weaver - Minister of Missions & Associate Campus Minister                                   

     Riley works with global missions at PCC and focuses on ministerial tasks at Reunion Campus. His parents are John and Becky and his brother, Ben, is studying to be a minister. Riley is married to Kayla, who is a physical therapist. In Riley's spare time, he likes reading about world religions and culture, trying new foods, and hiking. PCC is his home church so Riley loves that it takes family ministries seriously and is beyond thankful for the people that have influenced and poured into him.

Reflecting on: Genesis 12:1-3. This is a great reminder of our purpose: God blesses us so that we can be a blessing!



 Jason Morrissey - Worship Arts                                                            


     Jason plans services and leads worship at Reunion Campus. He has been married to his wife, Alli, since 2004 and they have two beautiful children, Emma and Ethan. Jason loves spending quality time with his family. He also has a deep appreciation for music and can be found listening to songs on his computer or playing guitar. He likes watching movies and anything related to Superman! Jason admires that PCC is willing to accept anyone no matter their background and that the church's main priority is loving people to a relationship with Christ.

Reflecting on: Joshua 1:9. I've been through many changes in my life, but God has led me every step of the way and given me strength to do things I couldn't have done on my own.





Anissa Steinborn - Children's Director                                              


     Anissa directs church-related activities for children from kindergarten through sixth grade at Reunion Campus. Anissa and her husband, Matt, have been blessed with 3 amazing sons. In her down time, she likes to play games with her family and friends, walk the trails, and sew. Anissa loves being a part of PCC and watching God's people use their gifts to draw others closer to Jesus Christ.

Reflecting on: John 3:30. It reminds me daily to ask Christ's presence to increase in me with the goal of not being able to see myself.




 Katie Dingman - Early Childhood Director                                         


     Katie coordinates all church-related activities for children from birth through kindergarten at Reunion Campus. She enjoys reading, traveling, watching movies, and hanging out with her friends. She also spends time with her parents, siblings, their spouses, nieces and nephews. Katie grew up at PCC so it's always felt like home and is where she developed many of the most meaningful relationships of her life.

Reflecting on: Romans 15:13. No matter what life throws our way there is always hope when we trust God to fill us with peace and joy!




 Dave Wren - Technical Arts                                                                           


     Dave works on Sunday setup as well as audio-visuals at Reunion Campus. Dave and his wife Terri have been married since 1990 and they have 5 wonderful children. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family. He also loves to watch NASCAR. Dave appreciates the people and fellowship that comes with PCC's culture.

Reflecting on: John 3:16 because that is what the whole New Testament revolves around.