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Welcome to Plainfield Christian Church. We're glad you stopped by!

Whether you are interested in knowing more about our church, thinking about visiting on a Sunday, or seeking a relationship with Christ, we hope you'll find this website a good place to start. 

At PCC, you'll find a lot of opportunities to grow in faith and build relationships. As we do that, our main objective is taken from Matthew 28:18-20, loving all people to new life in Christ. We actively participate in loving God through faithful worship, growing deeper in God’s Word and in fellowship with his people, serving one another in love, and reaching lost people around us and around the world.

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We are not a perfect church, nor are we perfect people. But we share a common purpose: we want to know God better and do our best to honor him with our lives. We invite you to join our family of faith, and we trust that you will find PCC a place where God is glorified and his people are strengthened.

Steve White
Senior Minister