Do you know your spiritual gifts?

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Organize people, tasks, and programs to accomplish ministry effectively and efficiently.


Creatively apply technical skills as a service to others or to create items for use in ministry.

Creative Arts

Create art, in a variety of forms, to communicate God's truth in an inspired way.


Distinguish truth and error, motives, or the presence of evil and share God's perspective with clarity.


Come beside believers by extending compassion, comfort, strength, counsel, and encouragement so they can experience God's love.


Build relationships with unbelievers and engage them in spiritual conversations that help them move toward a personal relationship with Jesus.


Propel the work of the ministry forward by believing God for things that only he can do.


Cheerfully and generously give resources to fuel ministry without feeling put out.


Create a comfortable environment, in your home or elsewhere, that welcomes others and puts them at ease.


Consistently and passionately pray on behalf of others, lifting up their needs and concerns to the Father.


Bring truth to situations and inspire growth in others by clearly explaining biblical truth and revealing crucial information for discipleship.


Cast vision, motivate people, and build teams to collectively accomplish God's purposes.


Boldly and clearly articulate the absolute truth of God's Word in situations in which it is being ignored.


Joyfully assume the practical tasks that need to be done to serve others and support ministry.


Nurture, care for, protect, and guide people toward spiritual maturity.